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Carbon footprint

What is carbon footprint?

The expression carbon footprint is used to illustrate the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by an individual or company/organisation. Carbon footprint can be calculated for an activity, events, products and individuals.

Collecting e-waste and waste batteries and carbon footprint

Throughout the implementation of the project “e-waste management” reduction of the carbon footprint can be expected due to reducing transport in the process of collection, as households will be able to discard waste in the direct vicinity of their home. At the same time, manipulation of this waste will be reduced, which will reduce spills and leaks of gases from fridges.

To reduce the carbon footprint, ecological methods and approaches will be used throughout the project, whereby we will connect with an environment analysis provider so they can give their professional opinion with regard to the environmental impacts of incorrect separation of e-waste and waste batteries, especially small appliances that often end up in mixed communal waste or at illegal waste dumps. We will pay special attention to raising awareness among employees and other business partners and everyone participating in the project.