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Professional conference 2019


which will take place within the scope of the LIFE E-waste governance project.

28th November 2019 (Thursday) between 9:30 and 14:30
European Union House, Dunajska cesta 20, 1000 Ljubljana


The main purpose of the conference is to shed light on the importance of correct waste management, to present the challenges of the modern times and examples of good practices of informing individuals about correct waste management in the local as well as the international environment.

The conference is a networking opportunity for its participants, an opportunity for new connections, new ideas, connecting of different stakeholders in the waste management process, learning about different methods of effective informing and transfer of best practices that can bring better results.


Registration is obligatory! Register by Thursday, 21st November 2019 at the latest via the online form. Admission is free of charge, but please note that the number of places is limited.


Branka Biček Bizant I T: 01 366 85 61 I E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



9:30 – 10:00
Reception and registration of participants

1st part of the conference: Impact of projects on waste management and circular

The first part of the conference will be in the Slovenian language.

Opening address and challenges in the field of e-waste management
mag. Emil Šehić, Director of the company ZEOS, d.o.o., Slovenia

Life E-waste Management project: Changing people’s waste management habits
Branka Biček Bizant, ZEOS, d.o.o., Slovenija
Urša Dolinšek, ZEOS, d.o.o., Slovenija

Changing people’s habits in the field of waste oil management in the local environment
Jasmina Butara, Komunala Brežice, d.o.o., Slovenija

Project MOVECO: Encouraging the transfer from linear to circular economy
Antonija Božič Cerar, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Development of home appliances in the light of circular economy
dr. Aleš Mihelič, Gorenje, d.o.o., Slovenija

Project BusiSource: Company waste as a secondary raw material
dr. Alenka Mauko Pranjić, Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute

Textile and metal recycling projects
Mojca Poberžnik, IOS, d.o.o., Slovenia

12:00 – 12:30

Socializing and networking - *Awareness raising projects bazaar

2nd part of the conference: Examples of best practices of changing habits in the international environment

The second part of the conference will be in the English language.

12:30 – 14:30

Effective approaches to changing the habits of individuals in e-waste management
Daniel Šafář, Asekol a.s., Prague, Czech Republic

Project ECOTIC LIFE+ Caravan: Raising public awareness regarding correct handling of e-waste
Dragos Calugaru, ECOTIC, Bucharest, Romania

Project AWARE: Raising public awareness on e-waste as a source of valuable materials
Elina Pohjalainen, VTT Technical Research Centre, Espoo, Finland

Electronic waste and Circular Economy
dr. Jennie Olofsson, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana and Mid Sweden University, Östersund, Sweden

Discussion and conclusion of the conference

14:30 –
*You are kindly invited to visit the Experience Europe multimedia centre

pdf Invitation to the professional conference 2019

pdf Access to the conference facilities



THE AWARENESS RAISING PROJECTS BAZAAR: The awareness raising projects bazaar will take place during the break in front of the conference hall, where you can learn and get first-hand information about different projects.

THE EUROPA EXPERIENCE MULTIMEDIA CENTRE.: The Europa Experience multimedia centre, whose main goal is to explain the European Union in an accessible and playful way, is the younger brother of the Brussels based Parliamentarium. With the use of its Interactive media stations, you can easily learn how the EU works and how decisions taken at European level affect the daily lives of European citizens. The multimedia centre also holds a lot of information about MEPs and Commissioners, and numerous European integration projects. You will be impressed by the photo booth, where you can take photos with the selected background from different European cities.


We are looking forward to receiving your confirmation and seeing you soon!

mag. Emil Šehić, director
of the company ZEOS, d.o.o.