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Purpose and objectives


  • Raising the awareness of target groups about the importance of correct e-waste and waste battery management and instigating changes in their behaviour,
  • establishing an infrastructure network throughout Slovenia to simplify and facilitate separate collection of e-waste and waste batteries.


  • Set up at least 400 street containers for collecting e-waste and waste batteries at waste bin areas,
  • Set up 45 green corners for collecting e-waste and waste batteries at shopping malls throughout Slovenia,
  • Make and use a mobile collector for collecting and separating e-waste and waste batteries in rural areas in all Slovenian regions,
  • Organise various awareness raising events at all of the above locations,
  • Carry out a competition in the field of waste batteries,
  • Organise two conferences for systematic solving of collecting e-waste and waste batteries, meeting events for public utility companies and workshops for dealers,
  • Carry out an intensive communication campaign, which will also include various social media,
  • Collect 65% of e-waste put on the market (in line with the 2012/19/ES directive) by 2020,
  • Collect 45% of waste batteries put on the market (in line with the 2006/66/ES directive) collecting e-waste and waste batteries.