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About Life

The LIFE programme is a funding programme for the environment and climate action, adopted by the European Parliament and EU Council. It supports the implementation of environmental policies and has the following general objectives:

  • Contribute to the transition to a more sustainable low-carbon economy, which will use resources more efficiently, protecting and improving the quality of the environment and stopping or reducing the loss of biodiversity, including supporting the Natura 2000 network and fighting against the deterioration of ecosystems.
  • Improve the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental and climate policies and EU legislation, encourage and advocate inclusion and prioritization of environmental and climate objectives in other policies of the EU and in public and private practice, also by increasing the capacity of public and private sectors.
  • Support better environmental and climate management at all levels, including better participation of the civil society, non-government organisations and local players.
  • Support the implementation of the seventh environmental action programme.

In following these goals, the LIFE programme contributes to a sustainable development and realisation of objectives of the Europe 2020 growth strategy and appropriate environmental and climate strategies and objectives of the EU.

In terms of content and technology, LIFE is divided into two sub-programmes

  • Environment sub-programme (the sub-programme focuses on three priority areas: environment and efficient use of resources, nature and biodiversity, environmental management and information)
  • Climate action sub-programme (the sub-programme focuses on three priority areas: climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, climate change governance and information)

LIFE in numbers

  • Duration: 1st January 2014 to 30th December 2020
  • Value: 3.456.655.000 EUR
    • Environment sub-programme: 2.592.491.250 EUR
    • Climate action sub-programme: 864.163.750 EUR